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Austin Alpha Foundation

"Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve"

Brother Martin Luther King Jr.

The Austin Alpha Foundation (AAF) was formed on 1983 as a non-profit 501C(3) organization, which takes advantage of the opportunity to address many of the prevailing and emerging issues faced by the African American residents of the Austin area.

Ways to Help

The members of AAF take their responsibilities as leaders and servants in their various communities very serious. By donating your time/resources to the foundation you are able to contribute to a great cause and at the same time, help the greater Austin African American Community.  Get started today!

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What's Next for AAF?

Office Space

For lease

650 sq ft

Spacious location

1 Br/1 Bath

6 month – yearly leases available

In need of an office space, look no further!  The Alpha Foundation is leasing corporate space for the local entrepreneur.  Check out this amazing space near the heart of downtown Austin.

The Alpha Foundation is committed to supporting Austin area entrepreneurs in their quest towards building a better tomorrow.  We have purchased a space and is now offering the location for lease. Grow your business to new heights while enjoying the Austin area attractions. This quaint little office space is located in the heart of central Austin.  Click below to learn more details about the space and to began the leasing process.

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The Austin Alpha Foundation is online and would love to connect with you through the various channels.  Click our link below and stay current on news and upcoming Austin Alpha Foundation events.

The Alpha Foundation Scholarship

The Alpha Foundation is committed to the next generation of leaders.  We are offering a scholarship to assist in your future educational endeavors. Click here to learn more and to apply.